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Join Lyla and Caitlyn on a six week business building course for all of you newbies in business. This course is NOT specific to the hair and beauty industry, instead, open to all spectacular business women who are in either the planning stage, or first twelve months of their business journey.

What to expect, not limited to;
A simple program designed for you to take your time with over six weeks.

Caitlyn takes you through the nitty-gritty back end of business; delegation and who to ask for help, negotiating a lease, taxes, etc.

As well as that you will learn about pricing yourself for maximum profitability, cash flow management, tracking and understanding the money side of your business, as well as getting you prepped for the END GAME. Yes, for reals.

Cait will also teach you how to deliver the ultimate client experience, including feedback processes, bookings and the sales process. And topping it all off with systemisation, automation, training and education, as well as the right way to onboard staff.

Lyla will get you on the road to, building your brand and growing your community to support that brand. She will take you through all the self belief, self doubt and imposter syndrome facts, and basically un cluttering your brain.

Lyla will teach you how to create flow and ease to your weeks, commitment, clarity, building a database and creating a serious social media presence.

Cait and Lyla are here to help you better understand business in the most basic form, to give you the best leap forward.

No more overwhelm. Get in and CRUSH IT!

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Course only, Course + 60 min coaching session with Lyla and Caitlyn

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