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From: $167.00 / week for 6 weeks

The ultimate hair, beauty and barber consultation and sales training.

Designed to be watched by the whole team, to ensure confidence, consistency and the ultimate client care. We recommend working through each training one at a time and ensuring it’s integrated before moving on to the next.

Get everyone together, pop it on a screen and watch the first training through. Then, two weeks later, repeat the same training as a refresher, you’ll find that you will pick up on things you may have missed previously. Then, a couple of weeks later, watch the next training through, then watch again two weeks later before moving onto the next. Rinse and repeat. X

Module one: NAIL IT AND SCALE IT Nail your client consultations and scale up your services.

Module Two: RETAIL THERAPY Ensuring your clients take home all the products they need to maintain and enhance their services between visits.

Module Three: CROWD PLEASER Getting your clients into the routine of rebooking and referring all of their friends, plus bring all the modules together into one 5-step process.

Module Four: THE HUSTLER The winners mindset, handling the bullish*t excuses, and removing fear around your salesmanship. Have fun, Hustlers!

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