Caitlyn Muir Coaching

After years of owning hairdressing, beauty and barbering salons, Caitlyn Muir Coaching came to fruition early in 2017. Originally launching as ‘Summit Salon Coach’, the goal was work with each of our clients and their salon’s to get them to their highest potential, to their Summit.

Same game, new name; CMC’s coaching and mentoring is for the salon owner, home salon or sub–contractor from anywhere across the globe who is ready to level up, grab the bull by the horns and get deadly serious about making their salon business the absolute best it can be.

The career change into mentoring and coaching was an easy transition for Cait; a completely natural progression, and that’s proven by the outstanding results that her clients have achieved while they are under her guidance… (if you haven’t stalked her socials – make sure you do!)

Everything taught throughout CMC’s coaching programs and course work comes from first – hand experience, Cait and her team not only talk – the – talk, they walk – the – walk. To read up on our team head over HERE

Don’t be fooled – CMC’s mentoring programs aren’t the ‘quick – fix – butts – on – seats’ bullsh*t you see everyone doing, our gals are here to teach you how to change your business and change your life. Let’s be real – change nothing and nothing changes, so why not take the leap?

If you’re ready to get balls deep in your business, book your free ‘Discovery Session’ here. During this one on one phone call, Caitlyn will talk to you about your visions and goals vs. where you’re at currently, and design the best pathway for you to not only bridge that gap, but to achieve everything you desire and more. Today’s the day… JUST. F*CKING. START!