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From: $167.00 / week for 6 weeks

It’s no secret that so many of our salon’s clients are living week-by-week, living in credit, or addicted to pay-in-four’s… and that carries down to our business as well. Clients are forever extending their appointments, or even worse – cancelling, or they’re using those pesky “pay later” options costing our small businesses upwards of 6% in fees …eeeek.

Nobody want’s to give up the luxury services and the joy that a salon brings them, so why are we not adapting to the needs of our clients? Clients only want PRICE CERTAINTY, while being able to enjoy the things in their life that they work hard for, so I am going to teach you how to create it!

Help your existing clients by creating affordable memberships without cutting into your bottom line. Attract new clients with your ‘gym membership for your hair/beauty services’ that make everything possible for even those on the tightest budget. Fill your salon’s columns up and create seriously consistent income for your salon.

In my salon, back in 2019, we cleared over $5,500 per week in locked in memberships, and around $2,000 per week in our barbershop memberships. Xmas closure? No worries, we still get paid. Staff on leave? Consistent income.

So many of my clients have enough locked-in membership sales in their salons to have their rent, bills and BAS always covered. They’re seeing clients coming back more frequently because their services are pre-paid, and they are confident that they will always have cash flow.

Sign up today while it’s on sale!

*It is our best advice that you complete PROJECT PROFIT prior to the commencement of this course to nail your pricing and service menu first, you can purchase Project Profit here*

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