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Ideal for those salon owners who are ready to grab their business by the balls and GROW!

What’s the difference between THRIVE and PRODIGY?

Thrive is a slower pace delivering only one training per week, where as the Prodigy Coaching Program training is released in 6-weekly Modules which contain 10-12 trainings. As a Prodigy member you will also receive printed workbooks in line with every new Module release, containing all the digital training in print, all of the videos transcribed to text, a coaching calendar to keep you accountable and lots of places for note taking and brain dumps! You also get comprehensive 1:1 support meaning you can call, text, and contact any time, as well as a monthly 1:1 Coaching Session with Cait.

How does the Prodigy Coaching Program work?

– NO lock in contracts and NO exit fees
– 8X Modules containing 10-12 Interactive Trainings, every 6 weeks for the year, delivered through our private Members Portal
– 8X printed Workbooks delivered to your door, in line with every Module release
– All worksheets, spreadsheets and activities are provided for you digitally and in print
– Access to our private CMC Coaching Circle
– 1X 60-minute Coaching Session with Cait every month
– 4X Zoom Group Coaching Sessions per month
– A sneaky gift from us every 6 weeks with your Module Workbook!

What to expect throughout the Prodigy Coaching Program

During your year with CMC, we cover so. many. topics. throughout our time together, and we will be there to guide you the entire way, mentoring and motivating you, plus aiding you through any challenges that may arise along the way. Don’t worry, there are options if you want to stick around a little longer, or don’t work through everything on time (it happens to most!)

Here is what to expect during the training:

Module One: Making It Rain

We will kick off the entire journey by completing a full business breakdown and assessment. This is where we pull apart every segment of your salon business to the nth degree, and then work out what’s working, what’s not, what needs improvement and what’s thriving.

From there, we will get clear on your visions and goals and set tangible action steps of how we are going to achieve everything you want. We will build strong foundations and pillars within your business to enable continual steady growth, to manage the workload and to enable you to create the ultimate work/life balance, because I can tell you right now, you can have it all and you WILL have it all.

Plus we will throw in a little bit of hustlin’ to teach you how to expand your client services and ensure 100% client satisfaction at every visit.

Module Two: Smart Salon

We are taught to be hairdressers, barbers and beauty therapists, we are not taught how to be business people and how to grasp all the ins and outs of our business, financially. But that turns around within the “Smart Salon’ module, where we will literally make your salon the smartest salon around when it comes to your numbers, sales, pricing, and everything to do with your CA$H!

Don’t love money? Scared of debt? Feel out of your depth? You won’t be by the end of this training. We explore your Sacred Money Archetypes, unlock your financial habits, your pricing and everything else in between when it comes to your MONEY. Your financially free life starts here.

Module Three: Automate and Delegate

Married to your job? Business overtaking your life? Or do you just feel like everything is a bit of a hot mess? “Automate + Delegate” is all about sorting out your life, your business, and your brain – YAY!

During Module Three we are going to transform the processes and policies within your business that are going to enable you to keep growing and glowing into the future, with an organised, systemised salon to boot.

Module Four: First Class

Throw out everything you know about customer service and start again. Module Four is here to get you to rethink your entire client experience from the inside to the outside, and make your client’s visits to your salon, like that of a “First Class” airline.

There are over 25,000 hair, beauty and barbering salons within Australia alone… how does your salon stand out from the rest? We’re going to delve deep into your point of difference, utilising digital platforms to streamline your processes, and how to make your salon the best-of-the-best-better-than-the-rest!

Module Five: Bad Ass Boss

You – the leader, the boss bitch, the head honcho, the director, the owner, the whatever your title is… every success and every problem within your business starts with YOU!

Ratty team not following the rules? Your problem. Clients dictating your life and prices? You let it happen. Salon feeling like a mad house? Who runs the show? Hate to break it to ya babe, but a fish rots from the head. Module Five is all about expanding you as a leader and as a boss when it comes to staff, clients, and all the moving parts that are your salon. Let’s seriously unf*ck your leadership skills here!

Module Six: Branding Babe

Who are you, and who is your business? Who are your clients? What does your salon, your space, your people and your online presence truly say about you?

Module six is literally what it says it is… branding, babe! We are going to look at your biz from all different aspects, making sure your brand and message is loud and clear and drawing the right kind of crowd to you.

Module Seven: Marketing

Module seven is another biggen’, and it’s all about your marketing strategies and how we turn all of those prospects into active, ongoing clients. There is so. much. more. to marketing than just jam-packing your social media and sending a casual newsletter to your clients. We are going to pump up your marketing using PR, community, online and personal methods, and of course, as affordably as possible.

Marketing isn’t rocket science – but this copy + paste BS offering endless discounts to get ‘butts on seats’ won’t fly with me! We’re going to put some real strategies in place that actually get you a ROI!

Module Eight: Head Game Strong

You’re nearing the end of your coaching journey which means it’s time to focus on your soul, your mind and ensuring you and your business will prosper well into the future. Much like being a great boss starts with you, having an amazing and abundant life also is reliant on self-talk and everything that is going on inside you.

Cait is an NLP Master and NVC specialist, and she will be teaching you so many of these tools to be able to release all that is not serving you, and welcome all that is meant for you. Our eighth and final module “Head Game Strong” is the game-changer and the final piece of the CMC puzzle.

Members Only Benefits:

– You get 50% off the Salon Bible and all of our short courses available at
– You also receive 10% off all casual Coaching Sessions
– Meeting ideas, morning routine guidelines, activities and training for you to work through with your people (it’s okay if you don’t have a team, these can be just for you too!)
– Every Workbook we send you is also downloadable if you’re more of a digital gal!

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