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From: $222.00 / week

Ideal for those busy salon owners, as all you need to commit to is 60-90 minutes every week, plus coaching sessions!

What’s the difference between THRIVE and THRIVE+?

Over and above everything below, you will have a 60-minute 1:1 Coaching Session with Caitlyn every month, plus you will have comprehensive support, so you can call or text any time, we got you! You can bump up or bump down at any time between Thrive and Thrive+.

How does the Thrive+ Coaching Program work?

– NO lock in contracts and NO exit fees
– 1X Interactive Training every week for 80 weeks, delivered through our private Members Portal
– All worksheets, spreadsheets and activities are provided for you digitally
– Access to our private CMC Coaching Circle
– 1X 60-minute 1:1 Coaching Session with Cait every month
– 4X Zoom Group Coaching Sessions per month
– A sneaky gift from us every 10 weeks!

What to expect throughout the Thrive+ Coaching Program

During your eighty weeks we will kick off the entire journey by completing a full business breakdown and assessment. This is where we pull apart every segment of your salon business to the nth degree, and then work out what’s working, what’s not, what needs improvement and what’s thriving.

From there, we will get clear on your visions and goals and set tangible action steps of how we are going to achieve everything you want. We will build strong foundations and pillars within your business to enable continual steady growth, to manage the workload and to enable you to create the ultimate work/life balance, because I can tell you right now, you can have it all and you WILL have it all.

We cover so. many. topics. throughout our time together, and we will be there to guide you the entire way. From your Sacred Money Archetypes, to your salon’s Business Policies, to your morning routines, to your Neuro Linguistic Programming, everything you need to be the ultimate business owner and have the most incredible salon business, you will learn here.

Members Only Benefits:

– You get 50% off the Salon Bible and all of our short courses available at
– You also receive 10% off all casual Coaching Sessions
– Meeting ideas, morning routine guidelines, activities and training for you to work through with your people (it’s okay if you don’t have a team, these can be just for you too!)
– Downloadable and printable Booklets for every Training Module (ideal for those pen-and-paper people, or those who like to read along with a video training!)

If you have any questions, please drop us a DM or contact us HERE

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