Water Bottle

December 4, 2021 8:51 pm

Water Bottle


Did you know the average human adult needs to drink 2-3 litres of water a day? We get it, we get it, as a hairstylist/barber/beauty therapist you get stuck in the ‘client bubble’ and run out of time to drink, let alone eat or have a pit stop. We all know that a job in our industry is strenuous, so we need to be making our health a priority. Drinking enough water is the perfect place to start!

Well, how would you like to have a reminder at your workstation that ensures that you’re on top of your daily water intake? Now you can…

⚡️ They’re 800mL designed to be refilled three times a day

⚡️ Secure pop-top lid for easy hydration

⚡️ They’re made of Tritan and odour resistant and BPA free, and if they’re dropped they won’t shatter

⚡️ They fit in all standard cup holders

⚡️ They are reusable and refillable therefor reducing your carbon footprint

⚡️ They are preeettttyyyyyy so you can keep them at workstations, on trolleys, or desks in view of clients

⚡️ Dishwasher safe on a low temp

⚡️ Buy for your entire team and SAVE! (Discounts start at 5+ pieces)

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